Thursday, April 04, 2013

Weigh In #12

Better late then never I suppose...though the real reason I didn't do my weigh in last month was because I knew it would be horrible.l..and I just kept putting it off ... so here is my weigh in one year later...

Ankles - L 9.25 (+0.25) R 8.25 (+0.25)
Calves - L 15.25 (+0.75) R 15.25 (+0.25)
Thighs - L 21.75 (- 0.5) R 22 (-1)
Wrists - L 6.25 (same) R 6.25 (-0.25)
Forearms - L 10.25 (+0.25) R 10.75 (+0.25)
Biceps - L 12.5 (-0.5) R 12 (-0.5)

Hips - 41.25 (+0.25) (started last year at 45.75)
Belly - 38.75 (+1.75) (started last year at 44.5)
Waist - 31.5 (- 1.25) (started last year at 38)
UnderBust - 32.75 (-1)
OverBust - 39.5 (-1) (started last year at 43)
Neck - 13.75 (-0.25) (started last year at 15)

BMI - 32.13 (+ 0.2)
Weight - 174.6 lbs (+1.5) (started last year at approx. 230lbs) loss of 55.4 lbs.

Yikes... that is pretty bad...especially since I did weigh myself a couple of weeks ago and I had gone up...but today I came down from that time...but am still higher then my last 'official' weigh in...

A lot of the pluses at the top are around the muscles...but still would like to see them shrink down a bit more...

My goal is too look good (to me)...which I don't have unrealistic body issues...I don't believe that I'm hugely fat and need to weigh 100lbs...I know I'll likely always have a bit of a ponch on my belly...and I'll always have my stretchmarks...I would just like it to be a smaller ponch ;) I know that I'll never weigh 105lbs again...and I don't want to...I had big head syndrome when I weighed that much...My goal is to be a healthy 140 to 150 lbs...

I just wish I was able to get there a bit faster...I know...more gym time...more cardio...more exercise...and of course to stop cheating on myself with sugars...I really need to go back to showing some restraint...

So my goal for this year... lose 30lbs by my birthday... I also don't think that goal is unrealistic at is only April afterall...

I joined a team mates running club in the hopes of working on my cardio as well...but she seems to have the run nights planned for Wednesdays...and since that's the only time I get to skate I won't be going out just yet.