Monday, June 03, 2013

Wil Wheaton (and Anne Wheaton) - Ottawa ComicCon

Be prepared for lots of pics and possibly a bit of squee'ing... I haven't squee'd in a long time... However... meeting and talking with Wil Wheaton... you know I squee'd afterward... I immediately called Burton after my meeting with him and she couldn't understand half of what I was saying because I was squee'ing in her ear so much...thankfully when excited I tend to go on repeating myself so she got the jist of what the fuck I was talking about... don't think she's ever seen/heard me so enthusiastic about something before...

I'm going to tell this story with pics... (hence the

This is a Minecraft Creeper that I knitted, he's wearing a  Heart  TT shirt, which just shows  how much I was fangirling about meeting him months beforehand.

On Saturday, after already getting a photo done with Wil and Felicia  on Friday (where we asked if the lovely, funny, witty and beautiful Anne Wheaton would join us in our photo op - she did! I heart her tons too.) I stood in line to see if Wil and Anne would be willing to autograph the picture. 

I was very excited to be there.

This is Thor-girl, who the day before on Friday was  Dovahkiin -girl, she was right behind us in line, so we got to know her pretty well (The Man has pics of her in both costumes, didn't see her on Sunday so don't know if she had a third costume) She didn't mind my fan-girling because she was doing it as well.

I step up and Wil had just told the girl who was over saying hi to Felicia to give her a hard time about the fact that she wasn't going to be at Fanexpo this year. So I waited patiently and then just smiled and said Hi.

In my pocket was three D20's that we brought to give to him  and I was going to give those to him first... but then he saw what was tucked under my arm. And said...

Wil: Is that a Creeper plushie?? Me: Oh, um Yeah. 

Wil: Ooo Can I see it? Me: Well actually I knitted it for you...

Wil: *gasps* It's for me? Me: Yeah *laughs* Wil: Like to keep forever?? (I love just how animated Wil gets when people have stuff for him, or when they tell him how much they love *insert his stuffs here* - he's like a kid on christmas morning)

Wil: oh my god....squish squish (as he starts squishing the creepers head and body) lmao

More squishy noises and laughing amongst us

Wil tsss'ing the creeper toward Anne (whose face is priceless at this point)

Wil takes a look at the Creeper and yes *hangs head* pulls a dog hair from it and proceeds to ask if we have a dog...colour me a little embarrassed about that, until he shrugged and said that he knows how it

Wil: Wait...does that say I heart TableTop? Me: Yeah, we love Table Top at our house, we watch them all together and have purchased games for our house solely based on how much fun they looked on Table Top and haven't been disappointed.

Think it was here that he teared up and then just went back to squishing Creeper.

More squishing and a bit of gushing...

there was a it of a pattern after that.. As I watched him look the creeper over and give him squishes while commenting about how awesome it is

Talking to him about Table Top some more...

Talking about knitting the Creeper, believe he had asked how long it took me

A few weeks, here and there...was my response...

Wil: I'm going to Tweet this right now.

Wil: Gah! Creeper going on Twitter :)

Takes picture....

Wil: What's your name on twitter? Me: *blank stare as all knowledge of Twitter is sucked from my head* I couldn't remember my twitter handle at all...At this point The Man stops taking pictures and comes over to try to help out.

This is the tweet that Wil posted. I squee'd in Burton's ear and told her how my phone was being a dick and how my service sucked so she assured me she would get the picture that he took off twitter and send it to me... She did. Later on I went scrolling back through all his tweets to get this screen capture of it. I love how when Burton texted me the picture she excitedly exclaimed "I can see your hair!!" Man we're geeks...but that's ok because we're awesome geeks.

I said something about how I thought my twitter handle was my derby name Raenbow Slash, to which Wil responded with 'You play roller derby? You are becoming more awesome by the minute!! we have a friend who does inner track reffing down in LA.'
 So while Wil was tweeting the pic I took the moment to turn to Anne and let her know that I had a personal thank you to give her from Burton... So I said  The girl you sent the Trader Joe's Cookie Butter spread is my best friend and wanted me to say thank you once again that totally made her year. She laughed and was surprised and then proceeded to tell the handler who was with them the story of how Burton ended up with the Trader Joe's spread. 

So Wil over heard that and said "Oh no way? really?"
Me "Yep there was no living with her for awhile, for when her husband and I were talking with her one evening and her phone went off saying she had a message. She looked at the two of us and said 'Oh please talk amongst yourselves my new BFF ANNE WHEATON!! just emailed me' so her hubs and I just laughed and said that we didn't rate anymore"

Everyone laughed... and Anne said to tell Burton that she was more then welcome and she was glad that she enjoyed it.
Which of course in my brain I'm totally freaking out because you know Anne just said her name, and completely remembered the whole situation that I was talking about.

I handed over our picture to be signed and while Wil was signing it Anne saw my blue nails and we sort of went girlie for a moment as she did "Oo Look!" and wiggled her fingers at me and said "Blue nails for the win!"

I'll have to tell more about the pic when I do the other post talking about the Con in general. And Yes I'm making the weirdest face in this picture ever. But whatevs... I'm hugging Wil Wheaton!! 
After Wil signed I asked if it would be alright if Anne signed the picture also, to which she said of course, I sheepishly looked over at the handler and said 'sorry didn't pay for that one' Anne shrugged and said 'bah it all goes to the same house' and Wil said 'don't worry about it'

So while Anne signed our picture I said to Wil "Well now this doesn't seem as exciting but I brought you some dice to add to your collection ." as I pulled the dice out of my pocket and grinned and said 'of course it is, and here you go I'll let you put those right into the dice bag' he moved it over so I could put the three D20's in a black cloth bag that had embroidered on it Wil Wheaton's Dice Bag (lol) 

After that I thanked them both for being there and I was really really glad that Anne came with him to Ottawa because she is just as awesome and as cool as she seems on Table Top and as awesome and as cool as Wil says she is.

And yep I totally geeked out a bit after getting a tweet back from Anne! The link in my tweet is to the pic of all of us above.
As we walked away from the autograph table The Man overheard the next guy behind us say "Well I have something for you too but I don't think I can top that" to which Wil responded with "Nothing can."

Yep... my year was made... best Mother's Day present ever...

Felicia Day - Ottawa ComicCon

Well holy shit where to start in regards to the Ottawa ComicCon...

I think I'll do it about my Sunday and then in the next one talk about my Saturday...the way they'll be posted to the blog will be in the proper order...those that get my posts in their'll be backwards but ... meh... too fucking

On Sunday I met Felicia Day...yep...that was awesome.

The Man got her autograph on Friday in The Guild comic book... After asking about how we're doing and us asking her how she was doing... she told me she loved my hair...When she told us to have a great time at the convention I chuckled and said we'd see her in an hour for a photo with her and Wil...

Which funny enough when we went to our photo op she did remember us...that's always a nice feeling, to have someone who is meeting thousands of people remember you...

I ended up going and getting her autograph on Sunday (on the photo op photo - will post it in my Wil Wheaton post)

 We look like we're having such a serious conversation in the photos that The Man took...but really...we're

Walked up said hi to her... She told me she loved my which I said thanks (of course) she then asked me how long it takes to get my hair done like that because she does love my hair... I chuckled and told her about 3

We ended up talking about hair..yep that's right... I explained that I like putting my dreadfalls in when going away for the weekend so I don't have to worry about doing anything to or with my hair while away... she then told me how she's thinking of cutting her hair short...almost bob length...ended up telling her that because of elfin like features that she could totally rock that...we also ended up talking about her shoes...during her Q&A she had said that it looked like Rainbow Brite had thrown up on her feet...I didn't think so and told her that Wil was definitely wrong about she showed me the shoes she had on (her Q&A was on Saturday) for that day...which were cute little ankle boots with a rainbow fringe down the back....

The Man took a couple of pics of us then stepped over and said that if she chopped off her hair she might look like back in her Buffy which she laughed and said never again will she look like that...and we talked about the hideous wardrobe she had for Buffy which apparently was her own The costume department apparently liked the way she dressed back then and told her to wear her own clothes...which looking back on it now she says all those clothes need to be burned...especially the hat she

Yep... that

So all in was a great little chat with Felicia...and she's one of those awesome celebs that take the time to have a conversation with you...and instead of expecting you to fawn over her she seems like she would much rather have a real conversation about real stuff...

We thanked her for Table Top and The Guild and explained that we watched all of them as a family.

She was great and I'm really glad to have met her.

Weigh In #14

I'm not really getting any better...

I need to stop snacking on shit I'm not supposed to be eating and snack more on stuff I can trail mix instead of pretzel goldfish... I'd like to whine and say I can't help it...but I really truly can... I just need to go back and find the willpower I had before... and seriously the motivation I had before was I wanted to hear someone say 'wow you look great...I'm really proud of you'... I don't have that person any more... it was Bing... when I started losing weight over a year ago now I had it set in my mind that I wanted him to pick me up from the airport with a 'who the fuck are you and where did the fatty go that was here the year before' ...I sort of got that...paraphrased but still...

But unless something major happens...that won't be happening again any time it's almost like my brain is saying fuckit.... I'm sure that was all the wrong reasons for losing weight but that's what I did...and it I just get all down on myself because since I was in Reno last I've gained 10lbs back... and it really pisses me off and makes me sad...and sure I could try to console myself by saying well a lot of that could be muscle but really... I've looked at myself naked in a mirror... it's not muscle at all...

Well...anyway... here's my weigh in for the beginning of June... *sigh*

Ankles L 8.5 (-0.75) R 8 (-0.25)
Calves L 15 (+0.75) R 15 (+0.75)
Thighs L 22.5 (+1) R 22.5 (+1)
Wrists L 6.25 (same) R 6.25 (-0.25)
Forearms L 10.25 (+0.5) R 10.25 (+0.5)
Biceps L 13 (+1.25) R 13 (+1.25)

(it's like everything's trying to even itself out)

Hips 42.5 (+1)
Belly 41.25 (+0.75)
Waist 32.5 (-0.5)
Underbust 34.5 (+1.25)
Overbust 41  (+1.25)
Neck 13.75 (same)

Weight 180.7 (+1.2lbs)
BMI 33.47 (+0.45)

So not going to sit here and bitch and moan... going to take the set back as my own fault because that's what it's my own fault when I reach across the table and snatch up some of the goldfish to's my own fault when I dish out the rice or quinoa or potato during dinner when I know I shouldn't be eating it... it's my own fault when I say 'yeah sure a couple won't hurt'...

What I need to do is remember the feeling of disappointment in myself that I get at the beginning of each month when I do my weigh in, in those moments of weakness.

And from now on I need to take snacks I can eat to game night and stop eating the other stuff.