Monday, November 24, 2014

Loved or Lucky...?

Either way I'm feeling like both.

Today (Sunday) hasn't been the day I thought it was going to be.

Figured I'd wake up...maybe we'd have some breakfast...I'd chip away at some concrete blocks while Sugarbear worked on some electrical hookups.  (Reno that's happening in the basement). And then drag Sugarbear to the parade that the Boychild was in.

Was awoken with some makings of the lovings...and then Sugarbear says that we have to go to the mall to pick up a jersey for his nephew. I was a bit thrown but threw out the reno plans and was like alright...
Got up ran a brush through my hair and away we went.
So we get to the mall...btw for those who are new...I hate the mall in Nov and I have my we're on a mission mode on and start weaving through Sears to get to Sportchek...most obvious place to pick up a TML jersey.
So just outside of Sears in front of Santa's lil setup that's when Sugarbear decides to tell me that we're not actually there for the jersey and that we're actually there so that he can buy me a winter coat as his Christmas present to me...

I didn't know what to say... I was speechless and suddenly didn't know what to do... we hit a few stores...ok...maybe several... I really didn't know what to it dawns on me... I've never had a brand new off the shelf out of a department store winter coat before... I've always gotten hand me downs or have just picked something up from goodwill or value village or something...

I was verklempt and didn't know what to say...and for a while couldn't say anything without tears starting...and I didn't want to cry in front of him.

To some people it's just a's mine...
Sounds weird right?
I can't explain it. This coat has never been someone's just mine.

Even after going to the parade with Sugarbear and The Man... I still couldn't say Thank You...for fear that I would start crying.

As it was...Sugarbear and I went to bed...and laying in the dark I was finally able to say it...because then he couldn't see the tears at how truly grateful I am.

It was just so thoughtful and generous of him.

Even now I'm getting all teary again thinking of how much he makes my heart swell.
He's a good man and I'm so very glad to be with him.

Now I'm really fucking stuck on what to get him for Christmas... >.<

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Real Post Soon...ish

What sucks worse then cravings for food you very specifically are not supposed to eat...?

Having those cravings when over a week late.